Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Erik Werenskiold

I saw so much beautiful art while we were in Scandinavia - modern right back to very ancient objects from pre-Christian Scandinavia, which were so very special to see. Amongst the many, many interesting works I saw was that of nineteenth century Norwegian artist Erik Werenskiold. As well as beautiful rural scenes, he also drew a number of illustrations under the title of "Olav Trygves√łns Saga". The National Museum of Oslo is certainly worth a visit.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Beautiful dappled sunlight and mysterious shadows combine in the forests behind Bergen, Norway.

Hello! What a long time it is since I have wandered through the Dark Wood. Most recently, I have been wandering in the Norwegian woods which were so very beautiful. The horrific happenings late last week in Norway compelled me to post a little about the ancient and mystic natural beauty of the country, as an antidote of sorts to the bleak ugliness of the hatred expressed by one poisonous individual.

Blogger is not being very helpful about posting clips at the moment, so instead I would encourage you to follow these links to the wonderful music of Wardruna, whose music I discovered in Norway.