Wednesday, September 8, 2010

In A Dark Wood Accessories

The Marianne Cuff - A beautiful wrist cuff made from black, textured ribbon, upcycled lace, a delicate, pearlescent cameo button and shabby glam velvety flower.

The Drusilla cuff - Get in touch with your gothic princess in this gorgeous wrist cuff, with a textured black ribbon as its base, upcycled vintage white satin ribbon, a delicious purple flower and a striking gothic cross.

The Evangeline Cuff - A beautiful wrist cuff made from black satin ribbon, upcycled leather straps and lace and a lovely Gothic jet-like jewel in the centre.

The To Horses and Away Hat - A sweet miniature black top hat trimmed with delicately green veiling, upcycled vintage white satin ribbon and a dashing black feather.

The To Horses and Away Hat.

The Lady Dedlock Hat - Make a dramatic statement by adding this to your favourite Goth or Steampunk outfit. With a black diamond shaped base, it is trimmed with black-and-white lace, a black veil and a striking black feather.

The Arabella Hat - This delicious red and black hat will set off any Goth ensemble. The Arabella is trimmed with blood-red roses, black-and-white lace, black-as-night satin ribbon and two black ostrich feathers.

The Arabella Hat.

The Arabella Hat.

This is the range of hats and wrist cuffs that I have been working on. They are based on Victorian-era designs but with a modern twist to dramatically accompany Goth and Steampunk outfits. Please leave a comment below if you would like some more information or if you would like to discuss a custom-made design.

~ Feronia

Monday, September 6, 2010

Big Goth Groove*

Erin Blackie from Death of Art
Saw some live music on Friday night, which I really enjoyed. This is the second time recently that we've been out to see some bands and it's been good. Good to dress up a bit and get out amongst it. The black dog made me a bit hermit-y for awhile there, so getting out now and then is a good thing all round. On Friday, we saw Sarah Eida, Rouge Fonce and Death of Art. All local bands and all really great, especially Death of Art, who put on a very theatrical show. They reminded me of Evanescence. They can all be found on myspace and so if you're one for a bit of a jangly guitar or a gothy vibe, I would highly recommend you check 'em out.
* This is a slightly weak play on an 80s song, "Big Boss Groove". If you didn't know that, of course, and had to read this footnote, the play would have been weaker still :)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fangs for the Memories

I am not really one for the whole vampire craze (she says, having avidly watched Buffy, Angel and Being Human) but I have to say I love this deliciously creepy image of Max Ernst's. I am about to start reading Twilight (I tried once before and got a bit 'teen-ed' out) so this pic might spur me on to finish it this time. There's seems something slightly vampirey about the word 'spur', but I can't think what. At least I didn't say there's a lot at stake for me to read Twilight. Or that I feel like a bite ...ahem.