Thursday, August 26, 2010

A voice from the darkness

Well, it's been a very long break from the Dark Wood! I have no real explanation for this...more stuff seemed to present itself that seemed pertinent to the Yellow Wood ( than for here. But I'm back now, weaving my way through the dark and the shadows and the less certain path! One thing I have started doing since I saw you last is making hats. I have no idea why I've started doing this but I just happened to see some hat making bits at the local craft store and thought I would give it a go. And watching Little Dorrit and becoming increasingly enamoured with all things Victorian has probably helped things along too!
The hats were photographed atop my grandmother's old milliner's head (sure there is a more correct term) from when she worked as a milliner in the 1920s. Perhaps there is a hat-making gene that has been lying dormant in me... my mum is quite convinced that grandma is channelling through me...!
What do you think of them? I love to know. I'm hopefully going to start selling them online soon.


  1. They are very appealing. Unusuall and original. Especially the second one, with he "veil". I'd bet you can sell them online very well.

  2. Thanks Diana! That's really encouraging :)

  3. Hello Feronia and thank you for your lovely comments on my bear. I think your hats are very stylish and I bet that 1930/40's re-enactors especially would love to be able to buy new hats to go with their outfits. You could corner the market there! Good luck with it! :o)

  4. Thanks Lynda - that's a really great suggestion :)