Monday, September 6, 2010

Big Goth Groove*

Erin Blackie from Death of Art
Saw some live music on Friday night, which I really enjoyed. This is the second time recently that we've been out to see some bands and it's been good. Good to dress up a bit and get out amongst it. The black dog made me a bit hermit-y for awhile there, so getting out now and then is a good thing all round. On Friday, we saw Sarah Eida, Rouge Fonce and Death of Art. All local bands and all really great, especially Death of Art, who put on a very theatrical show. They reminded me of Evanescence. They can all be found on myspace and so if you're one for a bit of a jangly guitar or a gothy vibe, I would highly recommend you check 'em out.
* This is a slightly weak play on an 80s song, "Big Boss Groove". If you didn't know that, of course, and had to read this footnote, the play would have been weaker still :)

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