Friday, September 16, 2011

In the Zone

Do you ever have those days when you're there and you're doing stuff and there's stuff that has to be done, but you're kind of disconnected? I had one of those today and I found a great selection of atmospheric almost tribal music (if you will) really helped. I just got into the zone and got on with it...


  1. Disonnection - I do not want to force such feelings, trying more mindfulness to stay here... or going "there".

    Wardruna - cool music, but as far as I know the fontman has good connections with quite criminal guys:

  2. @ Bodecea -

    I think it was more I felt disconnected and the music sort of complemented that! Mindfulness is definitely something to seek instead though - recognising feelings but staying connected.

    Yes, I knew Gaahl from Wardruna had some charges against him. What is it about Norwegian Black Metallers?? (Burzum etc.) Is it right to disconnect from that and just appreciate the music? Hmm, now *that's* a tricky question.

  3. See Woodkid's video of their track 'Iron' on YouTube. It gives you goosebumps!!


  4. Thanks Helena - that is an amazing song and what a video!