Friday, February 3, 2012

Knitting up the ravelled sleeve of care

One of the many things I did discover while we were in Scandinavia was the long history of knitting there. Be it single-needle knitting (Nalbinding) or complex patterns (each one particular to an area), knitting has had a big role to play. Given the nature of a Scandinavian winter, this seems entirely reasonable to me! I have been knitting madly myself lately, very much enjoying working some big and snuggly stitches on my 10mm needles (above and below). Stay tuned for the finished product!

Look at this wonderful piece of ancient knitting.
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Some gorgeous examples of the particularly Icelandic knit, available for sale on Etsy at Tekoop.
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More from Tekoop
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A lovely example of a boot worked in Nalbinding.
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And one more from Tekoop - I couldn't resist! Tekoop

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