Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Come As You Are

I always seem to catch up with pop culture fads late. Really late. When everyone else was watching Buffy, I thought 'Pah! I'm not going to watch something just because everyone else is watching it!' How I sneered at people wearing 'Bite Me' t-shirts. Then, about four or five years ago, I started watching season 1 on DVD. Addicted. Bought all seven seasons. Add to that all five seasons of Angel. Buffy tie-in novels (oh dear - ignore that last bit). Same with Nirvana. I never actually disliked them at the time but they never really interested me. Watched an documentary on American Indie rock last week and now I love them. Cannot get the opening chords of "Come As You Are" out of my head. When they were around, I was going through my 'the only music I listen to is British' phase so American bands didn't really get a look in. Didn't really get Grunge either or the Kurt Cobain angst thing. But now - oh yes. That raspy, slightly defeated but still pointed voice, the angry to the point of incoherance lyrics, the darkly brooding bass lines. The world's oldest teenager (ahem) finally gets it. And loves it.

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