Thursday, February 18, 2010

What happens when a Hallmark moment goes horribly wrong

As you may have seen if you've just been to (sorry, I'll stop the cross-promoting soon), I am going to take my chances tomorrow and try to sell some of my cards at a local bookshop. I have been making cards for some months and although I have sold some to relatives and at my mother's workplace, I can't help but feel these (kind as they are) are sympathy gigs and not genuine market appraisals (ahem) of how reasonable (or not) the cards actually are. Added to this that I have been beleagured by depression during this period and so confidence has sort of...well...been non-existent. Thus the thought of stepping into a shop and saying "Hello, would you care to buy these wares which I have crafted with my own fair hands?" has been a bit of a non-option.

But lately I've hit on the idea of creating 'darker' cards. I am all for the soft-and-cuddly (and they sell well, there's no doubt), but cards that are a little bit dark, a little bit gothic perhaps...that might just be something a little different, I'm thinking. A bit of a niche needing to be filled (I hope). So combining my new-found love of photography, I have been snapping merrily away and turning the results into cards. Above are some of the images I've used. What do you think?


  1. Dilly think be exslent for Gothicky pwinsesses.


  2. Hello Dilly! I think wagons might be at home in the Dark Wood!! Gothicky pwincesses! Yes - I like it!!

  3. Oh Feronia, Dilly's been here? Isn't she cute?
    It's so nice to meet you. We have lots in common.
    Buffy is one of my favorite shows ever.
    It's comforting to meet other women who understand how it feels to be in the deep blue pool. Dilly's Mum Helena knows all about that too.
    I shall visit your dark wood often and the yellow wood too.
    Your photography is lovely!

  4. Lovely to meet you too, Lorianna. Lovely to see you here in the Dark Wood too - hope you'll stop by again. Yes, I know the deep blue pool very well and have been swimming in it for many years. We just have to keep swimming!
    Bright Blessings,