Friday, February 26, 2010


Odin with Hugin and Munin, from

A Celtic representation of the raven from

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Sat in the yard last night just as night was falling, watching with quiet delight all of the bird life making its way home for the evening. Mynah birds were scared out of the flowering gum by magpies; magpies took flight when the ravens arrived. But the tiniest of tiny birds hopped merrily on from branch to branch, unconcerned by the power plays fluttering around her.

Ravens always catch my eye. I believe they are ravens in this part of the world and not crows but I'm not sure. I have seen a couple of them in gorgeous swooping flight these last few dusks and I just have to stop and stare as they glide overhead, wings extended. Ravens and crows have bad reputations for their tendency to feed on carrion. In mythology, they are contradictory figures, associated with death and battle in Celtic mythology but also with life and creation. They are tricksters but also wise - such as Odin's ravens Hugin and Munin. Light and dark, life and death, both sides of the one coin. Just the sort of totem animal for the Dark Wood.

Looking up into the sky last night, how I wanted to be a raven! Wheeling and swooping, the air fluttering through my wings as I moved freely on, the world my oyster. It made me think of Wendy Rule's song "The Wolf Sky":

We lay within the bird
That lay beneath the Wolf Sky
We lay within its wing and
We felt the bird within us...


  1. Hi Feronia,

    crows and ravends have different beaks - and ravens are much larger. We have crows her, but I believe in mythology they do not differ so much.

    Just thought about Hugin & Munin, too; Hugin stand for "thought", Munin for "memory".


  2. Yes, in mythology they represent very close things. I like ravens, too. Even tough they lead me to my own fears and darkness.

  3. Oh, I have been so drawn to Ravens and Crows these past few months! I actually have developed quite an affinity for birds which is funny because I have 4 kitties who would love a feathered friend to snack on.
    It sounds like you had a lovely evening! I miss Twilight Time in the summer months. It's my absolute favorite time of day. The "in between" time. The Fairies call it the Gloaming. :)
    I hope you have another lovely night!

  4. Hi Bodecea -

    Yes, I've just read an interesting article about Hugin and Munin. I'll send it to you :)

    Hi Diana -

    I think I like them because they incline me to think about the dark.

    Hi Lorianna -

    The Gloaming -I love it :) It's my favourite time too and I think our garden is quite magical then - there are all sorts of weird little overgrown corners which seem to hum with life and energy at about that time.