Friday, March 26, 2010

I did inhale

Nothing like learning a new skill to give you a bit of a buzz. Last night I went to an incense making workshop at our local esoteric bookshop. I have burnt incense sticks for years because I am a very firm believer in the role of scent in contributing to an atmosphere. I realise now that up until now I really haven't lived! - I will be able to create much richer and more evocative fragrances by making my own. Over two hours, we made four sets of incense cones and one lot of loose incense to burn on charcoal discs. The best snap I could take was of the loose incense. The cones just ended up looking like animal droppings or illegal substances and given the wonderful aroma they have filled the house with already (they haven't even been lit!), taking unappealling photographs of them just didn't seem quite fair! So here is the recipe for the loose incense if you are so inclined:

2 teaspoons of dried jasmine flowers

2 teaspoons of hyssop

3 teaspoons of frankincence

18 drops of jasmine fragrant oil

Grind up the dry ingredients with a mortar and pestle before stirring through the oil. This blend is for aura cleansing and revitalising. It is to be burnt over charcoal discs. It smells sooooo good!


  1. This is great. Yes, I also should finally learn to make my own incense. I use premade ones, but I entirely believe it, when you say that it is not comparable.

  2. I can post a bit more info on it if you like, Diana.

  3. Ah, interesting!

    I have a small cheest full of this-and-that to burn, some bought, some been given as a present... I really love sweet and dark smells like black olibanum with storax...

    But for magical purposes I tend to use - beside some bought incenses - plants and herbs which seem to "fit" the matter. For example I use big bundles of sage for cleaning, even I do not like the smell very much, but it is "right!