Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A week of happiness

My good blogging friend Diana over at Sun over Stonehenge (http://kennedy-white-house.blogspot.com/) has very kindly given me an award! Thank you Diana :) As a part of receiving it, I am to share with you ten things that make me happy. But I'm going to play it a little differently and tell you five things each here and over at http://inayellow-wood.blogspot.com/ (which means each set of five could have quite a different flavour!) and I'm going to space my list out over the week too.

So today I give you...the quiet pleasure of sometimes being just a little miserable. It may sound a bit mad, but I must admit I've sometimes done it. Those moments when you don't want to feel better, don't want to put a brave face on it, don't want to make the best of it...just want to be miserable. And who else to be miserable with than the divine Mozza?


  1. Well yes, sometimes, we just want to feel miserable. It may be good for us.

  2. I think it can be strangely healing, to not always feel the need to be 'up'. For myself, I just have to be careful not to wallow for too long.