Thursday, March 18, 2010

In print!

One of my photos used in the article.

I am delighted to announce that my dear spiritual sister Bodecea ( and I have written an article for the Australian magazine The Spirit Guide to Spellcraft ( and that I have just received my copy! It looks great, I have to say - I am really pleased with it. We have written about Northern magic traditions from the perspectives of one of us being in the Northern Hemisphere and one of us in the South so it is really in a lot of ways about the complexities of having an interest in a religion which is spiritually very connected to a particular place. That is, what do I draw on imaginatively when I am surrounded not by the fir trees of a European forest but by Australian gum trees? A perennial question in Pagan circles!
Thank you Bodecea for sharing your knowledge with me so that we could put this article together.


  1. Congratulations Feronia! What a beautiful picture! You know, I have been very curious about the celebrations of Solstices and Equinoxes in the southern hemisphere. You really do have different trees and plants to work with. At Yule I must recognize the dead of winter and look for the return of light. But, you are in mid summer, yet celebrate Yule. :) (did that make any sense at all?)
    Do you still find your self on the defensive because of your beliefs? West Michigan in the states, is a very conservative uptight community. I am very grateful that I met a fellow Pagan in my local Starbucks. She's a Barrista. :) I live a very quiet, solitary life. Just a little garden witch. I only wish to do good and I just do not buy into that whole punitive, sin and hell nonsense. People are either capable of great kindness, or great maliciousness. Karma and the Divine susses it all out in the end.
    I'm sorry that comic illustrator didn't get back with you. That really was rude! Watch now, he'll have car trouble or some other minor issues.
    Well. I've gone on. It's just nice to meet new friends. :)
    Have a really lovely day!

  2. Congratulations for the article to you both!
    The subject is indeed interesting. Our religion is very much tied to the local nature and its seasons, and for the individual it may be even hard to imagine that the day one celebrates Ostara, the other celebrates Mabon. But on a bigger level, nothing more logic than that, this is how GAIA keeps herself in Balance. And isn't it good to know that whenever it is Winter and dark, it is summer and bright on an other place. There is always a balance.

  3. @ Lorianna -
    I am still very new to it all and still doing lots of thinking and finding out as to what I believe. It's really a great journey! I am by nature (no pun intended!) very focussed on the Northern Hemisphere - I find the landscapes so beautiful - that it has been difficult at times to find beauty in my own surrounds. But Paganism has really started to wake me up to how I can do that. I have become very interested in local birds, for example! Yule is celebrated in May here, so in December I just tend to go along with the Christmas things happening around me and to send good wishes to my Northern sisters. Also, it's summer solstice here so it tends to be a more celebratory time which fits with the modern Christmas vibe.

    I tend to discuss spiritual matters with those I know to be sympathetic or who I trust. It's not something I would bring up with just anyone. Better to discuss it with someone when the conversation will be meaningful, not hostile.

    Yes, I think the Karma wheel may roll by the cartoonist!

    We should talk some more. Perhaps email?

    @ Diana
    Yes, the beautiful balance. That idea has helped me bring together my thoughts on the wildly different hemispheres too.

  4. And thank you both so much for your kind congratulations :)