Friday, March 5, 2010


Nicanthiel Hrafnhild, Boar, Birch and Bog from

Painting from

I have lately been reading about the Norse goddess Nerthus, of the Vanir pantheon. Goddess of fertility and the earth but also peace. She represents something of a Gaia figure, I think. Does anyone else know anything about her? I love the painting of her above - it exudes such calm and quiet strength. I have just ordered Boar, Birch & Bog - Prayers to Nerthus by Nicanthiel Hrafnhild. Looks really interesting. I am so enjoying this spiritual path I'm on right now - whole worlds are opening up.
Enjoy your weekend.


  1. since you have probably already read the wikipedia-article on nerthus.... how about looking for Njörðr?

    they seem to be the same god(ess)....örðr