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On Freya's Day

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Freya is the great Norse Goddess. She is stunningly beautiful with long, flowing hair and her magickal golden necklace, called Brisingamen, glitters around her neck. She is the Goddess of love, sex and fertility. She is the Goddess of witchcraft.  She is the Goddess of death. She is one of the Vanir, the oldest deities of the Scandinavian people. 

Freya is the goddess of all of life. She is called upon to ensure a good harvest, and apples are often left outside for her as an offering. She is the Goddess of love, sex, passion and fertility. Her long, wavy hair is radiantly blonde, she cries tears of gold and her magickal necklace is made of beautiful golden amber, a gift of the Earth. When she wears her necklace, she is irresistible to all men who look at her. She is the Goddess of good fortune.

Freya is the Goddess of the Seidr—the witchcraft practiced almost solely by women and for which Odin, the great Norse God, risked his life to understand. The Seidr-workers walk between the worlds. Freya is the Goddess of the Valkyries (the powerful Norse war maidens) and of death. Half of those who die in battle are chosen by Freya to be reunited with their loved ones in the afterworld. She also received the souls of unmarried women. Freya watches over them all on their otherworldly journeys. 

Freya moves with a fierce passion and she brings both light and dark.

So, how can you bring Freya, this wonderful, powerful Goddess, into your life? 

Freya's colors are:
·         Red for love and passion
·         Black for protection
·         Silver for the Goddess
·         Gold for good fortune
·         Green for growth

Essential oils and perfumes~
Freya’s scents are:
·         Rose
·         Sandalwood
·         Mint
·         Sweet florals 

Freya’s Day~
Freya’s day is Friday.

Freya’s symbols include the number 13, gold jewellery, the Full Moon and the sword. 

Animal associations~
·         Cats
·         Horses
·         Boars
·         falcons

Stones & Crystals~
Freya's stones and metals include amber, tiger’s eye, emerald, jade, moonstone and silver.

Herbal and Floral associations~
·         Elder
·         Cowslip
·         Primrose
·         Daisy

Naturally, Freya is associated with the ancient and magickal Norse alphabet—the Runes.  She is especially associated with the first eight Runes of the Elder Futhark.

For those looking for creative inspiration in writing, painting or other artistic endeavors, Freya is the Goddess to call upon. She can also be sought for matters of love, beauty and wisdom. Freya can be approached as a spiritual sage and for issues of divination, connecting with ancestral spirits and the magickal arts.

And, most of all, live life’s cycle with passion and joy!

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  1. Glad to see people celebrating Freyja - a versatile and powerful goddess. I think people get so caught up in the Venus-aspect that they forget she's also a batlte and magic goddess.