Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ostara Apple Cake

With Spring Equinox on the weekend just passed, and Ostara magic well and truly in the air, I have been enjoying nature's gifts and baking fruity cakes! Friday I made a plum and spice cake which was hastily devoured and yesterday I made an apple cake, as you can see above. I took the recipe from a great recipe card collection from the 60s which belonged to my mother. This is Applekaka - a Swedish style apple cake. It is supposed to be served with vanilla sauce but I went the cakey rather than desserty route. It is so easy!

I peeled, cubed and boiled 5 apples and crushed one-and-a-half packets of milk arrowroot biscuits. I mixed melted butter in with the biscuits (enough so that you can squash the biscuits together in your cake tin as a sort of crust) and then I layered one layer of biscuits and then one layer of apple. Then I repeated these two layers. I baked it at 180 degrees celsius for about 50 minutes.

I think it would work well with a little mixed spice in with the apples. Any sort of apple is fine and any sort of plain biscuit too.

Happy Ostara (or Mabon to my Northern friends)! 

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